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Future consulting, investment & innovation holding

From the year 1997, we have been developing intellectual property covering the field of advanced digital technology and innovative business approaches. We can proudly present digital innovations, implemented in-to real businesses, finished fin-tech products, online and offline business conceptual models and more. The aim was to explore new opportunities, super-charged them with new business models and, also to help other entrepreneurs get their bearings in this new demanding business world.

Skupina Svetilnik d.o.o.

Svetovalno investicijska družba, ter upravljalec informacijske intelektualne lastnine

Intellectual property projects

Business models, protocols and innovations

Online Brand Awareness (conceptual business model)

The innovation model provides a road map to achieve online brand awareness, brand presence, brand trust and brand equity. The model was constructed to explore alternatives to paid online brand promotion and to offer a different perspective to online branding. Part of the model, is directly sourced from Dr Rezun doctorate dissertation “Company Generated Problem-Solving Content on Social Media (SM) and Online Brand Equity: Designing and Testing a Model for Its Effectiveness”.

Unique OBA services:

• Online Brand Awareness model application to existing businesses and brands • Consultations regarding existing brand online presence • Consultations regarding professional digital brand content • Lectures and workshops

lighthouse ip

Electronic data and exchange protocol

We have been developing several revolutionary DLT-based products to solve challenges in the exchange of digital assets. Exchanging sensitive documentation or simply digital assets should be as easy as sending a text, but there are security and regulation barriers that cannot be overlooked. To solve the problem, of sensitive documents digital transfer (i.e. payslip, contract, medical report, notary document), we have developed in implemented a DLT based eDelivery protocol that allows its users to exchange and safely store sensitive digital documents among each other without any intermediaries (i.e. peer-to-peer).

Unique services:

• Connecting senders and receivers by executing document exchange (i.e. DLT eDelivery) • Performing eDelivery based on the current legislation • Archiving secure encrypted data • Creating a self-sovereign DLT based digital company or individual identity

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Online Teater (Video Content Streaming Platform)

The concept was constructed to explore alternatives to traditional theatre and to offer a digital online solution. We have developed a streaming pay-per-view solution, where digital tickets are sold, with access to digital theatre, where video theatre plays are being streamed. The concept is practical for plays, that are out of production, replaced by sequels and have been missed by the live audience.

Unique Online Teater services:

• Theatre video-plays publishing • Consultation regarding Digital Theatre implementation • Digital Theatre IP concept sales