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Skupina Svetilnik d.o.o.

360 real estates agency /Part of Lighthouse Group/

Real-Estate investment company Futura Invest Ltd is a product of knowlage and experience from more than 20 years. 

Vault Hotel Ljubljana - Skupina Svetilnik d.o.o. investment

Building a New four-star* premium hotel in Ljubljana was not easy. With a fabulous location in Slovenian capital with every detail thought through, the Vault Hotel offers exclusive stay for more demanding travelers.

Online Guerrilla

Online Guerrilla is a service provider, that deals with online strategy’s, tactics, content and brand awareness. Established by entrepreneur Dr Tali Rezun in 2005, Online Guerrilla has developed numerous challenging projects over the last 14 years. Online Guerrilla team, offer unique expertise from the fields of online brand awareness, advanced website design, SEO and professional value added content creation (i.e. professional brand articles, photography, videography, audio production).

Naton HR - Skupina Svetilnik d.o.o. investment

Naton HR - Investment and SE Europe expansion

Recently, Naton HR have crossed out of Slovenia, to fulfill the needs of job seekers and companies in a surrounding area, Croatia (2013) and Serbia (2013), Bulgaria (2014) with plans to expand the business and further offer HR services across Europe (Hungary, Austria, Germany, and Italy) in the coming years.

FOURdx - eDelivery and document exchange DLT protocol

FourDX - Investment and realization

FOURdx is a protocol that allows its users to exchange and safely store sensitive digital assets among each other without any intermediaries. We have created a DLT based multiple wallet and document management system capable of connecting senders and receivers by executing document exchange, performing eDelivery based on the current legislation and archiving secure encrypted data storage.

The 4th Pillar Project

4thtech is a technology infrastructure, where we are developing several revolutionary DLT-based products to solve challenges in the exchange of digital assets and digital identity. The project goal is to become an independent DLT document exchange infrastructure for individuals and organizations. 4thtech first developed solution is electronic data and documents exchange protocol or short FOURdx.

Hipersound Records, del Skupine Svetilnik d.o.o.

Hipersound Records /Part of Lighthouse Group/

Established in 1999, Hipersound Records represents the artists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. Ahead of its time, Hipersound Records was the only record company in the region with in-house digital audio and video production.


Turistikum /Part of Lighthouse Group/

Turistikum ltd., a Slovenian company with over 15 years of tourism experience, based on a family tradition, dating back to 1905, is the biggest family owned villa Rental Company in Slovenia.


Century21 - Emona /Part of Lighthouse Group/

Ljubljana is richer for another real-estate agency. Under the world leading brand CENTURY 21, the Ljubljana franchise Emona was developed.

Sinhro akademija Miani

Sinhro Akademija /Part of Lighthouse Group/

You want to test your voice and captures the world-famous cartoon characters, get ready to audition for your dream role or gain studio experience? Synchro Academy in Ljubljana holds the answers.