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Online Guerrilla

Online Guerrilla is a service provider, that deals with online strategy’s, tactics, content and brand awareness. Established by entrepreneur Dr Tali Rezun in 2005, Online Guerrilla has developed numerous challenging projects over the last 14 years. Online Guerrilla team, offer unique expertise from the fields of online brand awareness, advanced website design, SEO and professional value added content creation (i.e. professional brand articles, photography, videography, audio production).

4th Pillar is a technology infrastructure, where we are developing several revolutionary DLT-based products to solve challenges in the exchange of digital assets and recruitment. The project goal is to become an independent DLT eDelivery, professional identity and recruitment infrastructure for individuals and organizations. 4th Pillars first product is FOURdx.

IEO, ICO, blockchain and sales consulting

Cryptocurrencies are the latest sensation of the financial world. The first cryptocurrency, was Bitcoin, launched in 2009, the market currently has over 1000 cryptocurrencies with market capitalization over $200 billion dollars. Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs are one of the popular ways for new cryptocurrencies entering the market. We are here to help you understand and develop the technology.

Regional sales, development and business consulting

Our 20+ years business presence in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary made us SE Europe business experts. We recognized the extreme necessity for a good consulting service in this region. We specialise in region administration, labour law, legislation and tax policies.


We own over 2000 m2 of office real estates in Slovenia capital Ljubljana, so we can help local or foreign entrepreneurs and investors settle in our beautiful city.

Our open real estate projects:

We are investing in tourism in the form of accommodations, we build two small hotels and a few villas all for rent in Ljubljana and beautiful Slovenia.

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