Lighthouse Holding

Future Consulting Investment House

Business Areas

Online Brand Awareness consulting

For the past 14 years we develop brands and position them online. Read more ...

Business Consulting

Our 20+ years business presence in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Hungary made us SE Europe business experts.

Real Estates

Real estates always serve as a backbone of any healthy business. We manage and invest in prime real estates in the region.


Over 22+ years of experience in the charter business, hotel management, marketing and guest relations gives us the right perspective to make the right choices.


We now stand at the beginning of a new fundamental disruptive technology change. To not study and explore this new opportunity would be insane.

Crypto Consulting

Our vision is to be the first choice in cryptocurrency, blockchain and financial consulting in the SE Europe.

About the Holding

We now stand at the beginning of a new fundamental disruptive technology change. The new world order, new trade agreements and blockchain and other technologies will change the game. Organizations need to be very adaptive in all business operations. We put a lot of effort into our creative solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and also in building supportive and respectful relations with our partners. Lighthouse Group ltd operates in three major business areas; (1) business & real estate investments; (2) IEO, Blockchain & ICO and sales consulting, and; (3) tourism industry consulting (i.e. hotel management, villa rentals, consulting and research).

Holding Partners

Dr Tali rezun

Tali started his entrepreneur career in the year 1998, specializing in various fields from investment, human resources, online marketing etc. In 2018 has finished his Business Doctorate, specializing in online brand development, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Last passion was Blockchain, with its mind blowing technology behind it. 

dusan lazar, MBA

Dusan has over 25 years of experience in various industry businesses as a CFO, CEO and HR recruiter. He has successfully created, helped, consulted and led many start-ups as well as corporations.
He is the co-founder of Naton HR and Work Service, one of the largest HR agencies in Europe.

roman dobrina

Roman started his professional career as a Finance Manager in GlaxoSmithKline and continued
as General Manager for the Adriatic region and Marketing Director for Aquafresh Central Eastern Europe. Since then, he has been working in the pharmaceutical industry with a broad experience in sales, marketing, finance, and general management.

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